Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Raindrops on Roses

This is quite a topical title for me today as I have a rose bush in need of urgent attention as its growing wild suckers but the "raindrops falling on my head" and indeed the roses are keeping me indoors! I have no wish to either slip on my bum whilst do acrobatics on crutches, amusing the neighbours or dig another furrow in the lawn from wheelchair wheely spins:-)
Having had a lovely swim today - it was dry when I went in and braved the chilly depths, I was surprised to find that yet again I was "Singing in the Rain" on the way back to the car.... I swim indoors too so the sun doesn't see my in my bathers, take fright and run for less scary climes!The only bright spot, literally was when my frined took her 3 year old son off to Poundland and he came out grinning from ear to ear with a bright orange brolly.
Of course if it was "Raining Men", I would probably be much happier with the weather, as one of them could then do battle with the roses for me...

But all this watery weather is leading me onto my latest listing in my Folksy and Frooly stores a gorgeous scarf, lightweight, handknitted and full of the rich jewel colours of the ocean... And if you want to handle the scarf yourself... why not come and visit me this weekend. I'll be displaying my wares at the St Denys Community Festival on Saturday 18th June. Its a great event arranged for and by the locals and always raises some money for charity. Its not a craft fair in the strictest sense but it'll get my name out there and might even prompt people to learn to knit or crochet... so its worth a go

Here's the scarf and small selection of work that would complement its colours by the talented Folksy June Bugs

Sock it to Me Scarf - Bits and Bobs Crafts

Bridesmaids Hair Comb - Infiniti Jewellery

Bead woven spinning top necklace - Crafty Warren

Aqua Butterfly Brooch - Lynwood Crafts

Apple Jade Lover's Knot Keyring - Nofkants Curios

Purple Surf Encaustic Painting - Passionate About Photography


  1. I had been admiring your delicately pretty scarf earlier!
    Thank you for including my brooch


  2. Lovely selection. Beautiful scarf, love the colours. Linda

  3. Oh thank you for including my hair comb in your lovely selection, I love them all :)

  4. Thank you so much for including my Pale Apple green Jade Love Knot keyring, or handbag charm in your feature gallery today.

    A very colourful and tonal gallery indeed, they look great grouped together.

    Hope you get to grips with your rampant rose bush.

    Natalie x

  5. Thank you all for your lovely feedback, Its a real pleasure to feature your work!
    Natalie - me too - think as soon as we see some sun it'll be looking a bit like its had a very bad accident with a pair of clippers!

  6. Any more parts of the Mystery Make coming soon??