Thursday, 9 June 2011

Crafting In Public!

How many of us take the portable aspects of our work out and about with us? I've spent a good hour in the GP surgery with my daughter this morning - her GP is somewhat slow! - so I took my crochet and got a couple of slides and a pretty little bunch of flowers for a corsage made up. I often take something with me in my handbag and think nothing of knitting, crocheting and cross stitching in public. It certainly whiles away the hours and makes the uncomfortable chairs provided in some places much more bearable. I've been seriously thinking about making a list of places where I could go and sit and work this summer. We have parks near the sea, riverside walks with benches and more importantly wheelchair access, arts and crafts cafe's and some gorgeous lakes populated with birds all within a stone's throw and even better its free!!
Each year there is a Knit in Public Day and whilst I think that's fantastic as an idea, surely we should be making an effort to get out there and show off as much as possible?
The items I've listed below have all been worked on in public.... have a look and see if any of the places I've mentioned are place's you've been seen showing off your skills!

At a Ladies Coffee Morning / Craft and Support Group

A & E Unit, Communal Gardens

Design (c) French Beans and Toast - on the lawns of a holiday camp

At a Craft Fair and Hospital Waiting areas

I've also crafted on a hospital ward whilst visiting my Dad, who decided to nod off, in friend's houses, sat in the car by the beach, in Starbucks and on so many roadsides whilst collecting my "no idea of the time" daughter. I've also come across a knitting group in my local Ikea!

Sometimes you get "funny looks", and others you get lovely people, kids included coming up and having a chat. Its a great way to meet other crafters, share ideas and encourage each other. the trip to Starbucks with a friend for stitching and "escaping bank holiday family" was made all the more special by a little girl coming over to tell us all about her stitching and have a go at putting the odd stitch into our work too!

I wonder if any of the "June Bugs" featured below have ever worked in public?

As I've listed this lovely pink bag today, I've been trawling through the stunning makes on Folksy to find a selection that are simply "Pretty In Pink"

Bits and Bobs Crafts - Pretty In Pink Bag

Ann Chandler Originals - Large Shopper Tote

With Hugs and Kisses -Pink Owl Clock and Name Plate Gift Set

Uniquely Yours - Cotton Baby Blanket in Pink & Cream


  1. I did lots of french knitting for a project that remains unfinished, I used to take that everywhere with me; lunch hours at work, meetings, on train journeys etc.

  2. I too crochet everywhere, trains, buses, car journeys etc. Like you I have met lovely people who take an interest.
    Thanks very much for including my baby blanket.