Friday, 10 June 2011

Denim and Dad's

I was stash hunting the other day and I found a ball of a denim effect yarn. I started playing with ideas around denim and daises and then it occured to me that Father's Day is on the horizon. My Dad is almost impossible to buy for, he's 84, totally unmaterialistic and as long as he has a wide screen TV to see the football - his sight is pretty poor - then he's as happy as larry. So he usually gets something like a diabetic goodie bag these days. He's definitely one of a very special generation, has lived in the same village all his life, except for 2 years national service in India - so much as suggesting foreign food brings the comment "I was in India you know.... I've seen them cook" - and came from a time when people just mucked in and helped each other out. He brought us up on his own, with some help from various Grannies and Aunties after Mum died when I was 7 and worked fulltime as the village street cleaner. He spent many years having to go into infants assemblies admiring their collages of him as part of their people who help us projects. But he'd also go out of his way to put bins out for those who couldn't manage and so on... he always did more than his job. He also supported the grannies and aunties practically for many years - decorating, gardening, driving, shopping and so on. When my great aunt got too frail to do the stairs he's even go round and make sure she was safe in the evenings. Then he ended up caring for his partner as she developed Alzheimers.

However Dad is not a denim fan - think he once owned a pair of jeans for gardening but that was many years ago now! But I was thinking that my shop really lacks things for Dads and lads, so I started to play around with the yarn and came up with a couple of phone covers. I've also got plans for a handy pot in its own denim jacket and t-shirt...

So in honour of all our special Dad's and to celebrate me actually having a "blokie" item in my shop, today's Folksy Friday is dedicated to Denim and Dads:

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1. I Albert, 2 O Blue, 3 Scruffy Stuff, 4 Bits and Bobs Crafts, 5 Little Denim, 6 Sew Shabby Chic

Indira Albert O Blue Thrashion
Bits And Bobs Scruffy Stuff
Little Denim Sew shabby Chic


  1. thanks for featuring my dino keyring on your fab and unique blog :)

  2. Great choices, love Nat's Dino Keyring and that Cushion is fab, forget the Dad, I'd like that!

    Natalie x

  3. Very touching to read your blog..
    Thanks for featuring my Jeep artwork

  4. Thank you - I love the Dino too Natalie :-) Thanks Indira and O'blue for your kind comments