Monday, 27 June 2011

New Ranges and Organisations!

Have finally bitten the bullet and decided to become "more structured".... so am in the process of dividing my 2 shops up into:

Bits and Bobs Accessories   and    Bits and Bobs Baby and Home

Although there's a fair bit of "furniture" and stock to be shuffled yet!

As a celebration of making this decision I've launched a new product range - Handy Pots!

They can be:

 1. Craft Storage
 2. Pencil Pots or Tool Pots
 3. Dressing Table Tidies
 4. Vases - if made of glass

I got inspired to make handy pots when i was looking for something different for a craft sale and discovered a collection of of empty tubs and jars in a cupboard. I got out needles and yarn and had a go at making these poor naked little items personal coats to keep them warm and hence the handy pot was born!

They real joy of handy pots is that the only limit on how they turn out is your imagination! I've been asked to have a go at making a few football orientated ones and also a "cricket sweater", so they can be personalised to suit hobbies, interests of colour schemes. Handy pots will be available both as OOAK originals and bespoke items so pop over to my website and leave me a message me with your specifications and I'll get clicking!

Eight is the Magic Number

Having watched a documentary all about octopi and how clever they are I've been experimenting with things octagonal too! And over the weekend turned a lonely ball of soft apple green cotton from my stash into this set of fab coasters:

In celebration of my "numerical obsession", today's Folksy Feature is in Numerical Order

1 Horse on this fab cushion from Audrey's Cat

 2 little birds on this beautiful decorative bowl from Lily's Night Garden

 3 flowers on this cute Bunny Plaque from Aunty Joan Crafts

 4 Red Beads on this quirky Red Squiggle bookmark from Beadesk

5 Flowers and Berries on this beautiful "Wild Strawberries Brooch" from Linwood Crafts
6 bright cheery flowers on this "Retro Flower Eco Bag" from Maytree Lane

7 stones in this fab necklace from Brockstones


  1. Hi Bev - thanks for featuring my necklace today. It's really good of you. I love your new pot covers - what a good idea.


    Cynthia Brock

  2. Thanks so much for including my bird bowl! I like the way you've ordered all the lovely items numerically and your new pot covers are fantastic - so versatile!

    Dawn x