Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Going Green

I'm about to start experimenting again with the joys of "plarn" making. Plarn is yarn made from recycled carrier bags and there's lots out there on the internet about how to make it and use it. I'm also about to start experimenting with how to cut fabric into yarn to make sturdy shoppers. I already use as many upcycled, recycled and end of line products in my makes as I can but I just feel I could do more.. I regularly prowl charity shops and boot sales looking for other people's surplus yarn and just recently have picked up some beautiful cotton yarn in a shell pink - the colour is as soft as the feel of the yarn - for 50p a ball!!! And bargain of the week was a bag of vintage yarn from a boot sale for £1!!!! And the bag it was stored in as well!!! And yes I got mates rates as my lovely friend Sue was running the stall but she did say it was only £2 for anyone else. There are lots of balls of a really nice airforce / denim blue and some gorgeous remnants of a soft beige yarn and a toffee yarn with glitter effect. Having had a peruse of my stash I have plan for a gorgeous mixed yarns winter scarf in shades of golds and soft browns...

Another reason for experimenting is that I am currently writing a workshop that I'm planning to run in the Autumn - the "working title" is "Crafting on a Budget".... but all ideas for something more catchy and yarn related are greatly appreciated! The plan is to promote yarn swaps, build a local "directory" of how to pay less for good quality raw materials, have fun, experiment and of course drink coffee and eat cakes! So I want to have a small range of made up items I'm really happy with I can show the participants as well as improving my skills with plarn and fabric work.

In celebration of "going green", I've listed a green satchel bag, made from surplus stash in my Folksy store today and have also been perusing the work of the June Bugs to discover some of their green makes...

1. Bits and Bobs Crafts          2. Ann Chandler Originals       3. Flo Nightingale 4. Audrey's Cat                     5. Girl of the Sixties              6. Ritzy Swish

As ever, please click on the image to go to the store

BIts n Bobs Crafts Ann Chandler Originals
Flo Nightengale Audrey's Cat
Girl of the Sixties Ritzy Swish

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