Friday, 3 June 2011

Folksy Friday - Summer Evenings

Today's theme for Folksy friday is Summer Evenings... my listing on Folksy today of a gorgeously luxurious mohair wrap, which would snuggle into the smallest corner of a suitcase, has inspired me to day dream of holiday evenings on the prom! Walking (well wheeling and dodging old ladies on mobility scooters lol) along in a loose summer dress (avoiding it getting in the front wheels and creating stunning emergency stops of course!) with a wrap across my shoulders to keep off the chill..... of course adding in the reality and removing the George Clooney look a like in Fireman's uniform detracts slightly from the romance but am sure you get the picture....

Mohair Fleck Wrap - Bits and Bobs Crafts

And now for the June Bug's Summer Evening Offerings:

As a memory of my "dream summer evening", I've assembled a small collection of items from Folksy's June Bugs - sort of like taking pebbles home from the beach...

The first shop I stop at is BrockStones, their gorgeous necklace reminding me of Sea and Sand. Sea brings back memories of snorkelling and viewing beautiful fish and who better to represent that than Millie Bead's cute snorkelling piggie. I love the colours of the sea so I've also chosen some funky earrings from  April Is Forever Jewelery . To recapture the romance of the summer lights bouncing off the sea, I discovered these gorgeous tealights from Diomo Glass. To keep my sunshades safe for next year and of course remind me of the deckchairs dotted along the prom, my next item for my memory collection is a cute sunglasses case from Moody Cow Designs . And finally what's better than a written record of my dream in a beautifully summery book from Crafty Cow Designs

Brockstones Millie Bead
Diomo Glass
Moody Cow Designs Crafty Cow Designs

What do you dream of about Summer? What would you include in your "memory box" ?


  1. Thank you for including my tea light holders - I love the snorkelling piggie!

  2. Great choices. I love Susan's tea light holders. So beautiful. Apryl's earrings are fab too. Very summery

  3. Thanks for showing off my piggy,Ilove your selection,
    Millie xx

  4. Many thanks for including me in your Blog. I did get some views from this which is very encouraging.


    Cynthia Brock