Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Inspirations of Summer

Have been experimenting with making smaller things for summer fairs and apart from hairslides which are selling from the making up table! I've also got into making mobile covers. Am working on some denim effect ones with light textures for the "boys" but have been making some prettier ones for the girls. My first one to be listed in my Folksy Store is in a warm but zingy lemon and is accentuated with a pansy style closure - just click on the picture to go to my store.

Am really inspired by flowers at the moment and have also been off to Southampton Art Gallery today. I wasn't really planning to go there as my main aim of popping into town was to go to a Sustainability Fair in the Library. It was really worthwhile as I've made some good contacts who are very interested in some of my ideas for workshops. Am working on the plans for those at least once a week.... but lets get back to flowers and art. As I wandered around I began to realise how widely art uses flowers, from back ground interest to delivering a specific message to the viewer. Andy Warhol was the main "star" of the exhibit and his work with flowers inspired me... single splashes of colour on a dark background. I also felt drawn to his portraits on multicoloured backgrounds where the black lines were most prominent and its suggesting a line of embroidered knitting, perhaps for the Handy Pots I'm developing. I also really loved the slightly stylised tulips and perhaps cornflowers on an 17th Century hand pained plate, the blues and yellows were still bright today and really complemented each other.

So being in a Summery Mood I've trawled the work of the Folksy June Bugs for you and selected a range that inspire me with thoughts of Summer:

Lily's Night Garden - Selection of Minature Cards

With Hugs and Kisses - Dress with Flowers

Lonely Hearts, Make Up Bags and Cases

Dottery Pottery - 3 large ceramic buttons


  1. Thanks so much for including my cards in your summery post. Your mobile cover is really pretty and I love the little blue dress!

    Dawn x

  2. Thank you both for your kind comments x