Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Mary Mary....

 The Crafter's Garden

Mary Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow?
With wool and needle
Lace and beads
And pretty things all in a row

Have been playing with flowers recently, probably because its been too wet to go and harrass the real ones in the garden and have got to thinking about how often us crafters use flowers as either embellishments or the key feature of our work. This week I've been crocheting bun holders for a friend's daughter for school and thought she needed matching slides too.... so came up with 2 sets for her one with forget me not slides and one with pansies. Sadly the curse of Bev and camera's struck with the forget me not design but the pics of the pansy slides and matching bun cover came out well. Have added them as a custom make to Bits and Bobs Baby and Home  - this link will take you there!

Am also going to be making more - but obviously not all the same -  as have been offered a table at the school fair!

I've also started making a cushion cover out of larger crocheted flowers than can be edged into a circle. Am using a range of soft nursery colours and its starting to look really pretty. In fact am a bit of a "butterfly" at the moment as am working on 3 projects at once!

Interestingly the Folksy June Bugs are also inspired by all things floral... so here is an herbaceous border all of their own creation....

From: Chrysanthemum Corner - Bits and Bobs Crafts

Follow the windy path to Tulips and Topiary  - Dottie Designs - a handy journal for all your plans!

Then through the climbers arch to a feast of Gladioli by Maxine Veronica

Underplanted with a serene array of mini florals by Ickle Imogen

Finally sinking onto a bench in a rose garden supplied by:

Silk Purse, Sow's Ear and.....

CShell Designs    

Overlooking a pond with dragon flies flitting around,  from Bessie Loves


  1. Great picks Bev. I adore Dotties Book and thank you for including my Gladioli

    Max x

  2. thank you very much for picking my headband today bev :o)

    i have added a link from my FB page to your and to your shop to say thank you :o)



  3. Thank you both for your lovely comments. Sophie - thank you for linking to me from your facebook, its much appreciated x

  4. Thanks for including my earrings, Bev! Great blog :)
    Eilidh xx