Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A Walk in the Woods?

Today's October FolkFest theme is A walk in the woods, as the corsage I'm offering reminds me so much of those lovely muted shades you find in the woodlands in November when the trees are becoming barer and the natural wood shows through

And of course any winter woodland has its share of the more modest and perhaps sensible pines, who love to keep their clothes on in the cold. Lily's Night Garden have some lovely Christmas Cards in gorgeous shades of muted blues and pinks

And its important not to get lost in the woods, so these fab badges from Swirly Arts are a must!

And in the winter woods you can always find some Mistletoe and Court and Spark have kindly supplied some:

And for the birds, DamselFly Gemma has contributed these beautiful cow parsley seed head earrings:

1 comment:

  1. Cute corsage! I hightly recommend getting a daylight bulb to help with your photography :o)

    Thanks for featuring my earrings. I'm loving Philippa's mistletoe.