Sunday, 10 October 2010

Going Vintage

As you can probably guess from some of themes I've blogged on, I love vintage style clothing and using vintage ideas on modern items. I think I've finished my little lemon baby cardigan now, although it needs a bit more work on the arm sizings I think! - ps if anyone knows how to make your pics come out the right way up....

And I've been playing around with 1920's style ideas too and have come up with this Cloche hat, which is embellished with crochet lace, from a pattern by Mrs Beeton - yes her again :-). Interestingly knitting and crochet patterns back in those days were often known as recipies or receipts so its kind of appropriate she got involved I think :

The hat is available in my Folksy Store and I am happy to take queries re colour variations:

Have been looking at offerings from other Folkfesters today to see if I can discover other vintage style items and this is what I've found so far....

Girly Bunches has this lovely Doily in her shop:

Liz Dyson has this beautiful Cloisonne style bead kit on offer:

Jentwinkle has listed a lovely vintage effect fabric bag:

Pop on over to Folksy and have a look!


  1. I didn't know that about Mrs Beeton or that patterns were called recipes.

  2. Cute hat! Great picks too. As for making your pictures the right way up it totally depends on what you are using to edit them. You can rotate in windows viewer or most editing programs have a rotate button if you hunt for it- try the help files!