Friday, 8 October 2010

Folksy Friday

II've been trawling the charity shops and I got a brilliant book for £2.50 about Folk Art Painting.... now those who know me in the real world will be wondering if I've finally lost the plot, having been banned from CSE art due to my unique approach to painting :-) But what I can do with pictures is knit, crochet or cross stitch from them and the book is serving as a useful source of inspiration for some folk art items I'm having a go at making.
As today's listing for the October Folksfest is a Folk Art Brooch inspired by the book:

I've decided to trawl Folksy and find other FolkArt type items for my FIRST Folksy Friday. So here are today's offerings:

Abbigale - Luxury Christmas Tree Ornament Lady EmilyPunky Cinderella - 3 Ceramic DecorationsDaisy Florence Design - Vintage Floral PinNofKants Curios - Heart Shaped Ammonite Fossil Keyring / Handbag CharmPlain Primitives - Primitive Folk Art FrogFolk Art Papercuts by Suzy Taylor - FolkArt Houses Papercut -card

Image 1 - A luxury tree decoration from Abbigale
Image 2 - Beautiful heart decorations from Funky Cinderella
Image 3 - A velvet vintage floral pin from Daisy Florence Design
Image 4 - An Ammonite Fossil Keyring / Handbag Charm from Nofkants Curios
Image 5 - a cute and funky Folk Art Frog from Plain Primitives
Image 6 - a quirky Folk Art Houses Card from Folk Art PaperCuts By Suzie Taylor 


  1. Yay it's my first folksy friday too! I love the folk art houses card!

  2. Thank you so much for including my little heart shaped fossil keyring / handbag charm in your feature gallery.

    Adore funkycinderella's hearts too!

    Natalie x

  3. Intrigued as to you unusual style of painting!
    Which is your prefered soton area for charity shopping then? When I was a student I was always in and out of the Portwood ones but these days I use Shirley :o)
    Great finds for you first Folksy Friday. I love Natalie's fossil charm too

  4. I mainly go to Shirley too Gemma :-) Used to like Bitterne but alot of the shops seem to have disappeared. Am aiming to get out to Lyndhurst soon as have been told they're really good :-)

  5. Well seen as though they have a ferrari and masserati (sp?) showrooms there I would imagine the charity shops are something else!