Wednesday, 13 October 2010

All Things Bright and Beautiful

Had sort of lost my crafting mojo a bit yesterday and was feeling a bit low and glum - post anaesthetic wobbles from last week I think! Anyway after a good natter with some lovely ladies in my church group last night, I started feeling better and decided I couldn't go to bed without playing with some yarn or fabric.... I've had this big carrier full of bright silky type fabrics that I scrounged at the end of carnival costume making session I went to back in the summer..... and I also have a big bag of beautiful velvety ribbons and trimmings, that I acquired from Freecycle when I first took ill health retirement..... and they've just sat looking at me for over a year.... and then there were the vintage buttons from EBay.... also looking and talking at me.... So I got some of my little drawers of odds and ends last night and started playing with the red fabric and making it into flower shapes, not the original plan for lavender bags though. Why lavender bags? My friend has been going round executing any lavender bush she sees as she thought I might appreciate some..... result is a very lavender scented lounge and ruck sack so far! Anyway I digress.... I started chopping the red fabric into ellipitcal shapes and folding it and before long I had a respectable looking poppy. So next step was to stitch it together and rifle through the button tray for just the right centre. Next came some leaves....and I though hmmmm nice but..... And then I remembered the purple velvet ribbons and added some as an extra trim, reshaping it and playing until I was happy.... Once I had the corsage looking good, I backed it with some white stiff cotton fabric and a safety pin and produced this:

Poppy Bright Corsage - £5 Folksy Shop

As this is today's contribution for the October Folksfest, I noticed that many of my fellow folksters are also producing bright and cheerful items too - this grey october morning is obviously getting to us all! So before I return to my assault on Laundry Mountain, here are some offerings from some other Folksters today:

Fairly Girly Creations

Blue Daisy Glass

Pip Designs

Lemonade and Lamingtons

I love all these items for their colour and design - really beautiful and they show so well just why buying handmade this Christmas has to be the thing to do.... visit the Facebook Group that's been set up to promote this for more beautiful products :-)


  1. Great poppy! Do you know about the scrap store in Southampton? Often great for bits and pieces. There's apparently one in totton too but I haven't checked that one out.

    Love your choices from today's festers too. Especially Apryl's pendant

  2. Yay! What lovely choices!

    (and thank you for choosing my mug cosy as one of them!)

    Lisa x

  3. Glad you got your mojo back! Love the poppy. Thanks for including me in your blog.apryl bluedaisyglass

  4. I am liking pip designs chose of fabric, it really pops