Friday, 15 October 2010

Keeping skills alive

Over the past few days have been teaching some friends to knit.... and its made me think about how mothers are less likely these days to pass these skills on, for a multitude of reasons. Maybe its just easier to go and grab an item of knitwear off the high street, or there's less time with the demands of work and home but there is nothing like having a handknitted or crocheted item in soft yarn to wrap round you and keep out the chilly evenings. We were even taught knitting at school, a parent would come in and we would either opt out of the art lesson or give up some of lunch to sit and knit. In today's schools the national curriculum, shorter breaks etc often puts paid to such activities and we are potentially in danger of losing some of our craft skills.

But knitting and crocheting for the October Folksfest has concentrated my mind onto creating small items that have a bit of interest and skill involved, namely keyrings, corsages and gloves.

Aran Cushion Keyring

Deco Squares Fairisle Mittens

And it got me thinking about how many people might actually be put off knitting and crochet simply because they think its necessary to make a jumper and lets face it, that can seem pretty daunting... so for today's Folksy Friday, I've decided to hunt down little items that a beginner could make themselve or that would start to extend the skills of an intermediate yarn crafter....

Booties by Dannie - Striped Infant Pixie Hat
Mildunkley Beads
Josie-Marie Witchy Knits
Little Seeds Purple Pebble

1. Striped Pixie hat - Booties by Dannie             2. Crocheted Owl Apple Cosy - Little Seeds
3. Knitted Cherry Brooch - Josie Marie             4. Bubble Gum Pink, Tiny Glove Keyring - Mydunkely Beads
5. Stripey Knitted Hat - Witchy Knits               6. Halloween Children's Crochet Fingerless Gloves - Purple Pebble


  1. Thanks for sharing my striped pixie hat! :)

  2. Thanks for picking my hat!!!
    I found you here at last :-)

  3. Thanks for showing my little mini glove keyrings! I love that cherry brooch,

  4. Thanks for featuring my gloves. All great stuff. Lovely to be in a Folksy Friday