Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Blue with cold?

Tis a chilly old morning as my Dad would say! Have been out and hung the washing on the line and got nigh on frostbite - so think a pair of gloves need knitting somehow :-) We all think of blue as a cold colour but for me it also reminds me of the sea and shades of summer. So have been rooting through my stock box this morning and have chosen to list a lovely sea coloured fun fibre scarf with shades ranging from blue to aquamarine to green... I almost don't want to sell it...

Bits and Bobs Crafts - Ocean Shades Scarf
The beauty of these fun yarns is that once you can plain and purl without gaining or dropping stitches anyone can grab 2 balls of yarn and make their own. I remember the first time I knitted with eyelash type yarn - it was a jacket for a church sale that I was asked to knit and I hated the stuff - it was blue and I ended up calling the jacket "big bird with a blue rinse" lol - but when I used similar yarn for scarves and wraps I loved it - I just don't think it makes good garments :-)

I think today's folksfesters must be feeling the chill too as they have listed many blue items:

Audrey's Cat - Vintage Blue Brooches

Heirloom Bunting - tuck in pocketed scarf in a fun pom pom yarn

Lilly's Night Garden- 6 blue coasters in presentation box

Lemonade and Lamingtons - Boy's Crochet Beanie Hat


  1. Ooh lovely blue! Isn't it funny how we do that though, so many of us are inspired to use the same colour on a particular day - must be the collective consciousness (or some guff like that!)!

    Thanks for featuring my hat - I'll tell my boy-o that he's a real model now!

  2. Thanks so much for including my coasters. Its very strange how many of us chose blue! I was just about to do a very similar blog so I'll have a bit of a rethink now :)
    Could definitely do with your lovely scarf this morning!

  3. Thank you so much for includig me in your blog I love Blue one of my fav colours. Gorgeous scarf looks cwtchy

    Max (aka AIJAN Jewellery)