Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Handmade Christmas

How many people appreciate a handmade gift for Christmas? I know I do - I love the idea tha someone has given alot of thought and put the work in to give me a gift I love. Last Christmas I knitted presents for some friends and spent alot of time pleating and hand stitching some chiffon into a pretty scarf for a lady who had given me alot of practical help when I went on a weekend away with the Housing Association - she's now become a good friend. In the past I've also spent time cross stitching bird pictures for my Dad, photoshopping montages of their grandchildren for my daughter's grandparents into a montage and alot more besides.

Also what about a handmade tree? When my daughter was small and money was tight we had alot of fun with salt dough and paints making angels, wreaths, holly etc for our tree - and the test of time is that it took them 14 years to become "past it". One year we also made a nativity scene out of wooden clothes pegs, scrap fabric from a local curtain shop, odds and ends of silver paper, some straw borrowed from the guinea pig and cotton wool - and the crib scene survived a good 10 years, even though I'm sure Joseph didn't really think that lemon gingham was really him :-). We even made a few sheep from cotton wool and I think baby Jesus was cotton wool painted pink and wrapped in an off cut from an old pillow case. Its those sort of decorations that make a family tree special to all the family.... so why not have a go yourself and see what you can create?

This year I'm playing with ideas for baubles and trimmings - so far have crocheted some baubles with mirror inserts and have also created some pretty white cotton ones with a coloured fabric insert. They remind me of some beautiful 60's decs my Mum and Dad had on our tree when we were kids - hollow white plastic reindeer with red shiny paper inside.

Over on Folksy we're all promoting the idea of a Handmade Christmas and trying to get it as a hot topic on Twitter and Facebook. Am planning a feature later this week pairing my charity shop finds with hand made accessorises - to show how adding a bit of handmade flare can really lift an outfit and bring a sense of timelessness and chique.Alison at Blue Forest Jewelery did a brilliant post yesterday showing how teaming her beautiful Gothic Revival Necklace - and no am not posting a pic so you'll have to go and look :-) - with various High Street Fashions. Its amazing how this gorgeous piece of jewelley can lift classic party wear into true statement fashion.

So today am featuring handmade Christmas items from the Folks Festers that you would love to see on your tree or in your stocking.... and my Folksy Friday this week will feature the Charity Shop find and the Folksy makers who I really think have accessories that will bring them that little bit of je ne sais quoi! So watch this space!!!

I'm bringing the tree with my listing for today's Handmade Christmas:

Bits and Bobs Crafts -Red and Silver Mirrored Bauble Bits and Bobs Crafts -Red and Silver Mirrored Bauble

Whilst the FolkFesters are bringing the stocking fillers:

So first off the block is a cute thank you card.... must remember to let all those busy crafters, know you appreciated their work by Accidental Vix

One gift often received is an Address Book - but why use the High Street when you can have a beautiful handmade one from Chloe Dancer

And if you want to spoil someone what about these beautiful earrings from Damsel Fly Gemma:

or this gorgeous bracelet from Granny Smithers

Or to keep your loved ones warm and toasty, try this cinnamon centred hand and fingerless mitts set from Lemonade and Lamingtons

And for the quirky little stocking fillers, that might unleash the crafter in the recipient, what about one of these lovely little pendants from Karen's Beads

And for my Hampshire Blog Followers - this little treasury actually features 3 local artists - Damselfly Gemma, Karen's Beads and Me! So why not buy local too!!


  1. Thank you so much for including my bracelet amongst such lovely items!

    I'm also from Hampshire too so that makes 4 :)

    Kate x

  2. Fantastic blog - thanks so much for including my address book! I'm not from Hampshire but you are a talented bunch!


  3. Great blog that features some lovely things! The earrings by Damselfly Gemma are stunning. We should all definitely support handmade this Christmas. Blogs like this all help the cause!! Jo x

  4. Thanks for featuring my earrings! Your baubles are very funky and I'm looking forward to seeing you folksy friday this week (although at the rate I'm getting through my blog reading it might take me until sometime next week to read it!)
    ps Kingsclere craft fair soon!! I'm very excited- hope you are too!