Saturday, 18 September 2010

What to do next?

Have just about finished whipping up "Mrs Beeton's Scarf now and natually my mind is fast forwarding to a commission I have from a friend - to make a pretty bag for a toddler to carry her bits and pieces around in. Have been struggling for ideas as I don't often make specifically for little ones but have seen a couple of pretty bags recently that have given me some ideas....

The bag is almost like a round necked jumper - this is my rough mock up - using 3 panels instead of the 4 I saw on the original:

And another idea I've seen and adapted is a pretty little flower panel that looks like this:

 And putting them together would look something like this:

I think though I would leave the backing of the motif open, bead the centre and then back the motif with some pretty contrasting fabric. the problem for me is the handle - it would be nice to carry on the buttons and beads theme but I don't think that's ideal for a small person - so might look at making crochet beads or knitting a bobbly handle on DPNS, stuffing as I go..... would love some opinions on the idea :-)

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  1. Very good idea about not carrying on with the button theme, darn kids! Loving the idea though of crochet beads and they would be a lot quicker than DPN's and stuffing as you go! If you made crocheted beads you could change the colours to suit the different materials on the bag, will check back to see how you go, interested to see which way you go!
    Pam (aka lovesagoodyarn)