Friday, 24 September 2010


I expect you can see the funny little men strolling up and down over on the side bar >>>>>>
Well their from an application called Scoutle. Basically the little man - mine's called BOB - wanders far and wide across the internet and finds sites that complement yours and which are close to your interests. Its free to join  - all you need to do is make a quick profile!

As a result of this Bob has found me too brilliant blog sites since last night - Haptree and Me, which is a lovely bright and cheery site with tutorials for making various craft items - the link will take you to a tut for making Easy Padded Coin Purses.

The other site is Grizzly Mountain Arts which has a fabulous range of hand carved and crafted "crafter's tools" made from a wide range of unusual (for the UK anyway) raw materials like Moose Horns, Buffalo Bones and Fossils! Its well worth a visit if only to marvel at the quality of the carving


  1. Haptree posted about Scoutle too, it looks interesting and will be worth investigating.

  2. Oh I think I shall sign up there....and if I ever get organized I will add a 'TakeOut'Badge to my Blog as well!!!!