Thursday, 23 September 2010

Mrs Beeton as I live and breath :-)

Well here it is  - the completed Mrs Beeton Scarf - I've really fallen in love with it and am loathe to give it away.... which is probably a common feeling for so many of us crafters. But.... I do have a secret supply of some beautiful yarn I got in a sale at Hobbycraft that is for me to make something special for ME for a change... so as long as I have some eyelash yarn in my stash to co-ordinate with it, I'll soon have my own :-)  Will also be publishing the pattern as a PDF very soon so that other charity knitters can make it for their own causes.

The scarf is beautifully modelled by my daughter Lucy, who was trying very hard to look serious! :

And for those interested this is the detail of the pattern:

It makes a beautifully soft fabric with gently curving waves along the edges

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