Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Have you heard of the "Biscornu Craze" that's sweeping through the cross stitch world? Instructions and pictures can be found on Biscornu Basics. Having made some in cross stitch in the past - tiny little ones as brooches mainly, using both cross stitch and black work - I tried some time back to knit one! I ended up learning to make a mitred square first and then joining them and crocheting a border and was reasonably happy with it.

But recently my thoughts have turned to crochet. I was playing with an idea I'd seen a picture of - making a granny square and using it as the basis for a "log cabin" patchwork. So I made 16 and joined them and having run out of yarn was a at a bit of a loss as to what to do next. So I made a large granny square in white, using odds and ends of the left overs from the patchwork - and again I ran out, just as I got to the start of the edging for the for the front.... So I thought it would probably make a pretty cushion cover for a little girl's bedroom.... but then the biscornu bug "bit me" and I decided to play!! As a result, I have now ready for stuffing a beautiful patchwork cushion in biscornu style! I did a "test stuff" using a standard cushion and it works beautifully.... so next step is to do battle with the sewing machine tomorrow, finish it off, write the pattern up and post it here as a freebie!

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