Monday, 27 September 2010

Have completed Strawberries and Cream

Have finished the pretty little Strawberries and Cream bag and dispatched it off to its new owner too :-)
 Eventually I decided to make the handle by crocheting a dc stitch over the strip of fabric, knotted at both ends. I then sewed this into the top of the bag securely. Was such a simple ideas and by using stripes of both red and cream wool I achieved quite a stylish handle. I enjoyed making this little bag so much and have received alot of good feedback about it so will be having a go at a larger version soon for my Folksy Shop.

I even made a little butterfly bag charm so that the little lady who will be having this bag for her birthday feels really grown up :-) I made sure I worked the beads into the design so that there's no way little fingers can pull them off and pop in the odd places young children seem to favour!

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