Friday, 29 July 2011

What's in a Heart? = Folksy Friday

For today's Folksy Friday, I'm featuring hearts as my theme. So I got to wondering what the heart symbolises, is the meaning the same now as in the past. What about if hearts are different colours than the traditional red. So I spent an hour or so wandering the internet reviewing info on a wide range of sites - some very informative and interesting and others as clear as mud and gleaned the following info:

What do hearts mean?

We use the heart in many ways to act as a symbol for many words, even though in modern times it is often a symbol for the commercialism of St Valentine:

The simple heart says "I love you" or "I love this" or "Sending you lots of love". Its originis come from ancient times when the heart was thought to be the centre of the soul and controller of all emotions - that's why we "give our heart" to someone or "Put heart and soul" into something.

However change the colour of the heart and you change its meaning:
Black  -  hard heartedness or evil intent

Yellow hearts - lack courage

Purple hearts in America are a symbol for bravery - an award for valour in wartime

White hearts  - purity and innocence

Whilst many believe the green heart is a symbol for envy, in ancient cultures green is the colour of nature, of balance, unconditional love, forgiveness.

The heart with the arrow is taken to mean "love struck", you've been hit with one of "cupid's arrows". However the original symbol has Christian origins - the heart pierced was an ancient symbol for Christ - who gave his heart by chosing to die on the cross. There are many instances where new cultures adopt symbolism from others and perhaps this is one , maybe the heart pierced had a pagan meaning - or perhaps we've taken a Christian symbol and brought it into modern popular culture and changed its meaning? 

Finally this is the broken heart - a sign of sorrow, adandonment, the end of a relationship. Its a powerful symbol that says a lot without words about our state of mind.

What else do hearts say about us?

Doodling hearts is a sign of being in love or having a romantic nature

Dreaming of hearts can be sign of love or stress - it depends what your heart is doing in the dream - racing hearts mean stress. This is giving me images of hearts with trainers on going for a jog lol!

Adding flames to a red heart and gives a symbol for passion

So next time you're doodling a heart...... will you think about what it really means?

I crocheted this heart as a way of acknowledging the work and progress made by myself and a group of other ladies across Hampshire. We did a confidence building course and ended it off with a Gala Night, which we organised. Each lady had a goodie bag - and I crocheted and knitted keyrings. I'm now selling off the surplus ones in my Folksy Shop - to purchase a keying, please click on the photo:

Bits and Bobs Crafts

What do you think the Fabulous Folksy Makers are saying with their hearts?

1. Polly Krafts                2.Clarkie Designs         3.Pants and Paper
4. Sow's Ear, Silk Purse    5.Murano Magic           6. Photography by Gail Griggs

Polly Krafts Clarkie Designs
Pants and Paper Sow's Ear, Silk Purse
Murano Magic Photography by Gail Griggs


  1. YAY! Many thanks Bev for a fascinating blog post and for featuring my heart kit. Lots of interesting information here.
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  2. Thats a really interesting blog post. I am always doodling hearts ! Thanks for featuring my picture.
    Emma x (Clarkie Designs)

  3. Super Folksy Friday...really informative...and pretty choices.

  4. How very interesting and entertaining that was - thanks x

  5. Great theme and selection.your crochet hearts are so cute and lovely to hear about the different meanings of the different hearts..thank you :)xx

  6. lovely hearts and learnt something new.
    Great Folks Friday post :o)

    {Dab and a dash.}

  7. An interesting article! I did not know what the different colours of heart meant. Thank you for including my chocolate heart..