Monday, 4 July 2011

Bouncing Babies

As I've mentioned before I'm developing a line of baby items - cardi's, hats, booties and blankets in the main. It came from doing some knit to order items and I realised just how much I enjoyed baby knitting. The last time I did some was on Maternity leave almost 18 years ago now! Once I had a hectic little lady around it was too much effort especially as she could climb anything at 9 months and access my knitting and "help"!!! Now she is totally anti-crafts unless Mum is making something for her, like the scarf I made to go with her dress for her college awards night. I was really proud of her as she has an interesting range of specific learning difficulties, found school a real struggle because of bullying and their lack of interest in respecting her individual learning plan but she's really done well at college. 14 kids out of 600 with additional needs were nominated for the award for being "On Track" with their studies and overcoming difficult circumstances to succeed. Its the first award she's won since junior school where the head totally undermined her success by making barbed comments at the assembly about some pupils proving they could do well with a bit of effort! But this time was different and they got so much praise from the college and from the local mayor. And what was really interesting was that many of the kids who got awards were almost written off by schools but were competing for apprentiships against the academically gifted and were beating them hands down on their practical skills and knowledge and getting the job!

But I am wandering off down by ways again! Today's feature is all about the July Jewels who cater for babies and toddlers:

Snuggly Blankets

Bits and Bobs Crafts - Wrapped in Buttermilk

Baban Cat - Organic Cotton Blanket

Bright Books

Lilac Elephant - Opposites Fabric Book

 Beautiful Bunting

Eva Jeanie - Personalised Elephant Bunting  


  1. Thank you so for featuring my organic cotton blanket on your lovely blog. You're a superstar!!!
    Cat x

  2. My pleasure Cat, its beautiful and makes me almost tempted to go borrow a baby so I can have one..... but the broken nights..... lol