Sunday, 17 July 2011

Patching it Up

Have been really pondering over my blog post today - do I choose colours or another theme. The quandry has arisen because my latest offering is a crazy patchwork crochet cushion. The patches were inspired by dianthus flowers and I soon realised I had a bit of a problem. The finished patch was a pentagon.

As I tried to work out how to put them together I quickly realised that patchworkers use hexagons and 4 sided shapes for a reason - its much simpler to join them up! However am never one to shy away from a challenge so I got experimenting with freestyle patches to fill up the gaps and "square" the cover off. Which lead to this:

So then it was simply a case of sewing in the ends - of which there were millions - well it felt that way lol - and add them to my "stuffing bucket" for the next patch of pincushions and sew on some buttons and I was done. All in all it took me 2 -3 evenings to crochet the patches and the back - sorting out the connecting pieces and the sewing took somewhat longer. In fact the sewing in lead to the poor cushion spending at least 2 weeks on the "procrastination pile" - where anything that demands much end sewing resides from time to time. I think all crafty people have one - but the trick I've found is to keep it in plain sight!

The July Jewels over on Folksy are talented patchworkers too, in a wide variety of media and here's a selection of this weeks offerings :

Please click on the photo to visit the store

1. Pants and Paper           2. Polly Krafts    3. Nofkants Curios
4. With Hugs and Kisses   5. Jewellfelt       6. Cherrytree Handmade

Pants and Paper Polly Krafts
NofKants Curios With Hugs and KIsses
Jewellfelt Cherry tree Handmade


  1. Your cushion is gorgeous and must have taken you hours and hours to create.

    Thank you so much for including my knitted and crocheted patchwork style bag in yur featured selection today.

    Natalie x

  2. Thank you for including my scarf today, Bev.
    Your cushion is something else! Love the variety of yarns and the colours!

  3. Your cushion is inspiring. I'm struggling with hexagon crochet at the moment. They keep turning out as pentagons! Great blog today.

  4. Thank you very much for including my bag.

  5. Thanks for including my wreath! I love the colours in your cushion - it's beautiful x