Friday, 22 July 2011

Folksy Friday - "The Wild"

Yesterday I was driving home from a fair and noticed that our local council had left over half of each verge at the roadside "wild" - but had cut a strip of grass along the roadside I assume to improve visibility. It was really beautiful seeing the wild flowers and grasses - very meadow like. Having grown up in the country and spent many an hour picking flowers - when it was still legal, seeing this natural abundance gives me alot of pleasure. And brings back lots of lovely memories of walks with Mum and Dad - many of which ended up with Dad being sent up hedges to pick the "perfect primrose" for Mum.... am sure it was some cunning plan of hers lol. But apart from gathering the flowers my brother and I really learned to appreciate the natural world - as well as picking flowers, we were taught about what they were, were always encouraged to leave some behind for the next person etc. And of course there was the rest of nature to enjoy - birds, the joy of being lifted up to peer into a nest! Hunting for small mammal tracks, pond dipping, hanging over bridges to find fish, wandering across Dartmoor - Dad knew all the local tracks really well so we rarely went to anywhere touristy unless there was a need for icecream... mmmm! Swimming in local rivers in the summer was another pleasure. I remember taking my daughter in a few times when she was small and I could still manage it. And I hope I've passed some of this down to my daughter by taking her out into the New Forest and around the local trails. i know my nephew spends alot of time out on the moors cycling with my brother too. Looking back although we never had all the electronics our kids have today, I sometimes think our childhoods were much richer for it.

Having crocheted and listed this lovely camomile brooch in my Folksy store:

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I'm featuring items inspired by "The Wild" for my Folksy Friday. Please click on the picture to visit the makers store

1. Violetta Handmade 2. Nofkants Curios 3. Blooms Art 4. The Whimsical Wren 5. Bedecked Beads 6. JewellFelt

Vioetta Handmade Nofkants Curios
Blooms Art The Whimsical Wren
Bedecked Beads JewellFelt


  1. Thank you so much Bev for including my little embroidered Blue tit picture today.

    Like you, I have many childhood memories of walking in the countryside and enjoying the bounties of nature, you can't beat mother nature!

    Natalie x

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my toadstool bracelet. You have found some great items here!

  3. Thank you so much for listing my pendant. I live in the middle of a field in the countryside and it is beautiful. My two daughters do love nature and have learned alot living here but they do feel isolated where as I love the peace and tranquility of having just one neighbor. Shame I can't let them go exploring on their own like we used to!

    Loiuse xoxo

  4. Lovely items, and a couple of new sellers to seek out as well :oDD

    {Dab and a dash.}

  5. Thank you for your lovely comments. Natalie - think we were very lucky xx Louise - can remember going through that stage of wanting to be in town doing stuff too. And yes its really sad our kids can'r roam free like we did. We used to go off to the park down the road which had a large wooded area and spend hours making camps and things