Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Girls and Curls

Have been asked to do quite a few girly hair bits at present, from slides and bun holders to scrunchies. The interesting thing is that all the Mum's have asked they are made in school colours.... so I did the dangerous thing called thinking and have decided to develop 3 custom made lines.

I then started to think back to when I was little and the pharmacy in the village started selling hair grips with little flowers on. I remember Mum buying them for me and being really thrilled with them as they were so pretty and no one else in my class at school had them. I'm sure I drove the family mad showing them all my pretty slides - but I can't exactly remember what they were now.... except they were pink and white.

Please click on the image to go to my shop and order.

1. Bun Holders and slides / grips

2. Slides / grips only


 Gift packs will also be available with  2 Scrunchies with Slides / Grips or  2 Scrunchies, 2 slides or grips and 1 bun holder.

All you need to do is contact me via my website contact forms with your requirements - colour, type of flower, number of items / gift packs required. I'll get the needles out and whip a set up. Once completed I'll email you the link where they'll be listed  in my shop as a custom order. Once the order is porcessed I'll post them to you!

The gift packs will be a perfect present for little ones going up to "big school" and individual items would make a beautiful gift for teachers to give to pupils at the end of year or for Christmas. Please note bulk orders need 10 days notice.

July Jewels 

And if scrunchies aren't your thing,  here's a mini showcase of the July Jewels who have created some fab accessories for your hair. One seller I really wanted to :

GlitterRT - Pretty Hair Pin

NofKants Curio's - Japan Appeal Full Bloom

Laura Faye Crafts - Pearl and Rose Quartz Tiara

Damselfly Gemma - Filigree Copper Coloured Hair Clip

SteamPunk Storm - Steampunk Bee Hair Comb

Tickled Pink Sheep - Floral Headband


  1. I used to crocheted fluffy bun surrounds for my daughter when she was tiny and into ballet, but as she got older we had to use the nude hair nets instead, and I much preferred the fluffy coloured ones, LOL!

    Thank you so much for including my choice of four floral crocheted hair accessories in your fab feature gallery.

    Natalie x

  2. Fab bun nets Bev and great choices from the Jewels. Thanks for including my clip amongst them!