Monday, 1 August 2011

Joining the A-Listers

Does this mean Bits and Bobs have gone up in the world? Not exactly.... The A Listers are the Folksy Folk who are taking part in the daily listings challenge for August.

Thinking of A Listers, I was beginning to wonder which celebs might be suited to the creative talents of Folksy's fabulous creators!! (as ever click on the pic to visit the store)

Cliff Richard - he might be getting on a bit but he can still "strut his stuff". He's known to be a Christian and a great reader, so I've teamed him up my beautiful personalised filet lace book mark:

This hat from Imogen's Imagination is just perfect for Kate Middleton, otherwise known as the Duchess of Cambridge as she takes up her royal duties:

Whilst these beautiful princess crayon set would make an ideal purchase for Tom Crusie and Katie Holmes to buy for their little Suri:

And perhaps Darcy Bussel would love this beautiful ballerina brooch by Laura's Jewellery:

And this beautiful keyring / handbag charm from SimJaTa2 would be perfect for Susan Boyle who's rumoured to be moving back to her childhood home soon!


Superman Returns actress Kate Bosworth would love this beautifuls Twinkle Little Star pendant from SteamPunk Storm

Steampunk Storm

Simpson's creator Matt Groenig and famous American hero, General Custer, being greyhound owners, would really appreciate this beautiful Greyhound trivet from Dach Crafts

Dach Crafts

Not being an avid reader of mags like Hello and Closer - I leave that to my daughter, this has been a real challenge but I've learned alot and had alot of fun trawling the net discovering the secrets of the celebs posted here - can you believe I found the doggy info on a site called The !

The biggest challenge was Steampunk - I eventually decided to see if I could find a celeb modelling jewellery and was fortunate to find a designer who showcases her celeb clients. The house moving was also difficult as I expect many celebs don't want to give their addresses out. Though it was really interesting reading Susan Boyle's story as she's giving up the luxury lifestyle to move back home. It says a lot to me about her values and her need to have people she can trust around her, and it sounds better than isolating yourself in a grand home like so many celebs have done over the years


  1. What a great blog, enjoyed reading that one. Super items from all the A-Listers.

    Thank you for including my Greyhound Bag charm amoungst them.

    Lynda x

  2. Thanks so much for including our crayons in your blog! I agree that Suri would love them. Maybe I should post them some?!

  3. Thanks for including my sleeping greyhound, great selection, great descriptions :)

    DC x

  4. i confess...i cant stand hello et al...but i have started looking online as there are so many hat research opportunities thanks to our new duchess! im still waiting for my call from the palace though! lol

    thank you so much for featuring my new fascinator design bev :o)


  5. Thank you for all your lovely comments. Maybe we should pester the palace to invite Sophie and her hats along to a garden party! Dannie - its always worth a try, posting a star a gift - you never know where it might lead :-)

  6. This was a fun blog! It would suit them all so well. Made me smile.