Thursday, 8 September 2011

Inspirations From the Past

Am having a trawl through my "wintery" makes and have rediscovered my love of vintage, which is heavily featured in my autumn / winter collection

The latest additions to my folksy shop are both inspired by vintage, please click on the link below the photo to visit the shop:

70's inpired wooly ladies hat

Inspired by an early C20th pattern

What it is about vintage that inspires crafters I'm not sure. For me its a combination of:

1. Harking back to a time when handmade was the "norm" and the work was appreciated because people saw the time that went into it.

2. The classic techniques that have been handed down through the generations

3. Beautiful patterns, styling and decal are preserved and used in new ways.

I've been really inspired too by some of the fabulous makers on Folksy who are also inspired by vintage:

Imogen's Imagination have this beautiful Deco inspired beret, which has been featured in Vogue:

Imogen's Imagination - Red Handblocked Felt Beret

Nofkants Curio's - Upcycled Arm Warmers

Be Beautiful Again Trinkets - Vintage Cameo Necklace


  1. Love them all and thank you for including my necklace :o)

    Be Beautiful Again Trinkets

  2. thank you so much for picking my beret for your blog! :o)

    im thoroughly in awe of your knitting and crochet skills and those of natalie...mine leave a lot to be desired!!! lol


  3. My pleasure to include both of your beautiful items.

    Sophie - am very much in awe of your millinery skills - think your hats are stunning!