Friday, 16 September 2011 Well Prepared!

Today's been spent finishing off the pics and postings for Craft Fest and I can safely say I am copy and pasted out!! I spent yesterday evening getting sorted for a craft fair with cream tea today. Its in aid of a Christian charity - Evangelical Action Brazil. They do amazing work providing education and support to kids who grow up in some pretty horrendous conditions and are suffering because of it. One of the best things - in my opinion - is the extra schooling they provide. Families all over the world sponsor a child and the money pays for extra education and support. Kids who were not expected to achieve anything much end up leaving school with qualifications that give them a real hand up, out of poverty. So will be more than happy to donate 15% of anything I make tomorrow to send to the kids. And to keep costs down and make sure the money goes to the kids, all the admin is done by a small army of volunteers - of which I'm 1! We're just mentally gearing up for the Christmas update, so I'll soon be up to my ears in paper and envelopes instead of yarn!

Here are a few more examples of the work I'll be selling via Craft Fest and you can view a side show HERE

Please Click on The Photo to Visit My Stall




And for my Folksy Friday, here is a treasury of Folksy Sellers who are also taking part in Craft Fest. Again please click on their photo to visit their stall:

1. Diomo Glass       2. Dottie Designs          3. Infiniti Jewellery
4. Lynwood Crafts   5. Martha Moo Beads     6. Nofkants Curios

DIOMO GLASS Dottie Designs Infiti Lynwood Martha Moo Beads Nofkants Curios


  1. Thank you for including my little elephant. This weekend should be interesting!

  2. Hope you had a good sales day today and good luck with CRAFTfest

  3. Good luck with the CraftFest, wish I was taking part too. Maybe the next one. Going on hols at the wrong time.
    Beautiful selection of crafts too.
    Hope you all sell loads.