Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Relax at Craft Fest

How many of us love to shop online? Beats trudging round the supermarket, competing with the "demon old ladies" with "trolley rage", the confused single man who has no idea what anything other than oven chips are, tantruming toddlers, stressed out mums and dangerous women in wheelchairs like me! I know I'm hopelessly sterotyping here but you get the idea. Online shopping means a relaxed look through the cupboards to see what you might like, a cuppa, maybe some biccy's, no having to fit round opening times, bedtimes, naptimes and all the other restrictions we have on life.
And when it comes to Christmas shopping, it gets worse - I know I become evermore invisible in my chair - the temptation to fit it with airhorns and a "people plough" always surfaces around mid-November and gently fades away by mid January! The shops are more crowed, you get jostled as you browse, tempers seem shorter and the struggle to find something nice for Great Aunty Maud, that won't be hidden in the cupboard and recycled to another relative next year seems even harder than last year...
So what if there was a solution? An online craft fair where you put your feet up, log on anytime in a 48 hour period, email the makers for advice and help, maybe even to ask if they could possibly make something in a different colour etc... Well the clever people at Creavite Crafting / Creative Connections have put their thinking caps on and come up with such an idea. On 17th and 18th September there will be a showcase of shops all in one place for your browsing pleasure. Many of the makers will be around, and if they can't be at their PC all the time, message them and they'll respond. And I'll challenge anyone not to find the perfect Christmas present for the most hard to choose for person on their list.

As a taster I've chosen some beautiful makes from some of the registered sellers:

Bits and Bobs Selection Pack


Guest Selection Pack 
1. Aingeal Designs       2. Ann Chandler Designs       3.Buttercup Boutique
4. Colour Me fun          5. Daisy Beth Creations         6.Egyptian Inspirations

Aingeal Designs Ann Chandler Designsbuttercup boutique Colour Me Fun Daisy Beth Creations Eygyptian Inspirations


  1. Thank you so much for including our crayons!

  2. Wow. Thank you so much for including my Egyptian beadwork cuff.

  3. I for one am looking forward to taking Part in this