Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Swirls and Ruffles - the final results

On my last blog post I showed some WIP's using some new techniques I was experimenting with - swirls and ruffles. Once I'd got the set made up I started turning them into all manner of things from hair accessories to purses. The pics below are pics from a recent craft fair, followed by a showcase of my finished work:

The Craft Fair - All Set To Go and Praying for Sun!!

Not sure I'll give the great outdoors a go next year - but its been a good experience. Have 1 more outdoor event to go. The craft fairs are then stacking up for the Autumn, so I'm making a list and prioritising which ones I really want to go to. There's a lovely vintage event coming up at Burlsedon Brickworks that I really like the sound of. Its a fascinating place - an abandoned brick factory being brought back to life by dedicated volunteers with an interest in  industrial archaeology. Their latest project involves getting former workers together to do some form of living history. Its a good day out, with lots of hands on stuff to keep the kids happy, trains, a bookshop full of inspiration for crafters with an interest in vintage and of course an onsite miniature railway.

Spirals Showcase!

Am already getting orders for this little coin purse - available from my Folksy Shop as a custom order - click on the photo to visit the store:

Bits and Bobs Crafts

Sneak Preview of Listings to Come!

 Am planning to write up some patterns for spiral designs once my daughter is back to college and Mum's Taxi can have a bit of a rest! Its going to be challenging to explain the spiral process, I had to hunt through several blogs and how to sites before I found one that "clicked" for me.


As well as doing fairs and some teaching, I've also been trying - badly - to do the A-Listers Daily Listings Club on Folksy. Last week was manic as I had tax courses and a very short notice all day training to write and deliver. It was the first one in 3 years and I loved it. It was also a bit of a test for me as to whether I can physically cope with the demands of work again and I think I did ok all in all. And my crafts became a source of relaxation again, which I really appreciated. Am hoping that I won't go into my usual "September Slump" and have a bit of relapse - apparently its all to do with atmospheric pressure and most people with similar spinal issues experience it, so I might just have to accept its going to be a regular thing. Once I get the business established I can then plan around anticipated problem areas and ensure my workload is realistic!

Here's a mini showcase form the A-Listers - Cirles and Spirals

Laura Faye Crafts - Clear Resin Pendant

Falling Dew - Universal Jewellery

Esme Dodswoth - Round Pink Glitter Necklace

Averil Pam - Polymer Clay Layered Pendant

Gimme that Thing - Charcoal Grey Flower Ring


  1. beautiful collection...autumn colours:)
    Thank you so much

    Rasa xx

  2. Thanks heaps Bev for including my charcoal grey ring. Don't you just love Pam's pendant!

    Chicita x

  3. Lovely selection Bev, thanks for including my pendant! (and thanks Amanda!)

  4. Thank you Rasa, Amanda and Pam x I do love Pam's pendant too, think its really clever how you can make something from polymer clay that looks so metallic. Bev x

  5. An interesting read and a great collection of crafts.

  6. lovely items, I hope you finds some nice events to attend and that Sept isn't too hard on you :-)
    Thank you for featuring my necklace :-)