Monday, 15 August 2011

Crochet Techniques

I've been doing much experimenting with crochet this past week - and over the weekend I was looking around for inspiration for a craft fair - I wanted something a little different and eye catching. I'd been having a go for a while at trying to create spirals and ruffles but was never completely happy with them. So I decided to try google images and see what I could see. Sometimes I find it easier to search that way as you can actually see what you want. With the help of some fab pictures and the odd blog I finally cracked them both! As you can see from the pics the majority are still WIPS - mainly needing some ends sewn in and the bag of course needs to be lined.

I started off making some very simple spirals in 2 colours - just to see what would happen:

Decided that they looked like treble clefs if you joined 2 together so have started on a shabby chic musically inspired brooch

Some edging, crochet net and a suggestion from a friend and a simple spiral can easily become a retro snood...

Thought hmmmm what about bigger and invented a coin purse, complete with safety strap - am going to have a go at a few more colour combinations and also write up the pattern for this one.

Then a bag, very 70's retro but ideal for the minimalist!.....

And am itching to get commissions finished so I can do a scarf and a blankie..

As for the ruffles, I came across an entry for "hyperbolic" scrubbies... I knew what a scrubbie was but had no idea what hyperbolic meant... but it turned out to be "simples" - its basically when the circumference of a circle doubles or more in size with each row you add to it. The edges then start to "run away" from each other producing a lovely waved effect. The more rows you add the crinklier your work gets.

I also found that thicker yarns (DK) on thin hooks (2mm) upped the "crinkle factor" whereas 4ply yarns on the same size hook made for a smoother curve. Have started on brooches but also have some other ideas such as ruffly hats if I can sort out how to join the basics pieces together.... I do love playing with freestyle crochet so am sure there's a solution somewhere!

My 4ply ruffle is one of my favourites and has made it into my Folksy Shop as a very pretty brooch. I went out into the New Forest on a cheer me up mission with a lovely friend a few weeks back. She's a camera nut and helped me take some sunset pics

The one above is a favourite and very atmospheric. Whilst I was odds and ends hunting to have a go at ruffles, I came across a range of 4ply yarns in "sunset shades". With this pic in mind, plus many other beautiful Hampshire sunsets - across the Solent as well as the forest and even from my very urban back garden, I created this lovely little brooch. Its an ideal way to take these bright and hopeful colours wherever you roam:

Tequila Sunset Brooch - Bits and Bobs Crafts

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