Saturday, 4 December 2010

When you can't beat the "Elfs and Safety"....

In the UK the snowy weather has put paid to many a craft market / craft fair as it was considered unsafe to have the public wandering round. Whilst in many ways I can see the sense in this, there are many crafters now thinking.... I've lost my deposit and can't find anywhere to sell my Christmas stock. AND even worse, there are many potential customers now wondering where to get the fab handmade pressies they like to give to the special people in their families.
So I thought it would be a good idea to do a special Saturday Showcase, that will allow the devoted handmade shopped to have a look around the wares of many a Folksy seller, find that special present and of course stay warm and reduce the risk of wounding their pride or anything else for that matter on the ice!

So this is what the busy Folksy Elves have been up to in Santa's workshop this week:

Your Stall Holders are:

  1. Bits and bobs Crafts     2. Red Brickglass       3. Maxine Veronica Jewellery
  4. Lily's Night Garden       5. Diddy Bears           6. Imogen's Imagination
  7. Daisy Florence Design   8. Eidelweiss             9. BusyBee Cards
10. The Fat cat Designs     11. Buttoned Up, Pinned Down
12. Damselfly Gemma

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Further makes can be seen at December Elves at Folksy
and My Blog Finally Made It!


  1. Thanks Bev for the feature! Yep I'm a bit grump because my fair got cancelled and I have Christmas stock and no more fairs. Still- better to have too much stock than crash my little car because it cant cope with an icy hill.

    Loving the texture on your new bag and great choices form other hardworking Elves too

  2. Lots of lovely items - love that little bear

  3. Just added myself to your blog

  4. I have a very small fair on Friday so am hoping the snow will now stay gone! Think you're right Gemma, tis much better to be safe than sorry, however frustrating it is :-)
    Chrissy - thank you x

  5. Thanks so much including my notebook. Love your other choices especially the Diddybear and Max's bracelet. Hope your craft fair goes ahead!

  6. I took part in my first fair last weekend and was thankful that the snow held off untill Monday, I feel for all those who lost out, although I only sold one item, I got several request to have custom made items.

    Love the bauble kit