Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Weather Wednesday

Being British we all get a bit preoccupied with the weather. Here at the moment its will it snow.... ohhh its snowing.....oh will it lay?..... awwww its melting and so on! Personally am not a snow hater in anyway shape or form, and its lovely to look at and if you can get about in it play in.
But and there always has to be a but, we live in a country that's got out of the habit of snow. I remember as a child and teenager we used to have proper snow and the first house we lived in used to have huge icicles hanging off the veranda and roof and amazing frost patterns on the windows. Great fun for us but a nightmare for Mum and Dad with 2 small children in a huge old victorian house with no central heating and 2 gas fires! One year it got so deep that the farm kids couldn't get into school and our teacher - who was a bit nutty and into projects that had a class of 7 year olds planning to track and catch Nessie - had the inspired idea of doing a real life "how eskimo's live" project..... So we duly spend every afternoon out on the field building an igloo - which finally melted in April!! I don't think anyone of us in his class will ever forget it!
Now children are kept in on "health and safety grounds".... makes you wonder if the pendulum has swung too far really!
My only frustration with snow is its wheelchair unfriendliness - maybe they should make it part of the new "Single Equality Legislation" that snow has to fall in an accessible manner...... problem is by putting on here some civil service type will probably think its a good idea!! So if it does fall here I'll be confined to base for a few days at least. Did suggest my friend lent me her shitzu puppy and I could turn him into a sled dog and put ski's on my manual wheelchair but oddly she wasn't too keen! Am fortunate in that I do have good neighbours who would help if asked, plus friends who would also get me supplies if needed and now we also have online shopping. But there are lots of people in this country who aren't so fortunate, so if you know a neighbour isn't so good on their legs, they might well appreciate a tap on the door to see if they need anything at the shops if you're going. And you never know, you might also make a new friend or two as well :-)

Anyhow..... for those of you who are getting out there and playing in it, have done a trawl of Folksy and found a few people from the December Elves listings club who have some fab winter warmers for keeping the chill away:

Bits and Bobs Crafts - Floral Chunky Hat in Vintage Yarn

I have to start with Sharne as she was first off the blocks with these lovely hand warmers - fingers free for modelling your snowman's features :-)

White Chunky Handwarmers - Creative Knits

And this one is perfect for keeping your toddler toasty:

Child's Hat - Uniquely Yours

And this hat is lovely for Mum!

Wooly Hat with Ear Flaps - Loves a Good Yarn

And to keep your neck warm, a scarf in my favourite colour:

Knitted Scarf - All Things Blankets and More


  1. Lovely winter woolies!

    Your eskimo story really made me smile, I had a mad teacher too when we lived in Yorkshire, who used to take us down the tin mines and for treks in the dales, with no safety clothing, equipment and of course no way of cantacting anyone, no mobile phones back then, but it was such fun!

    Natalie x

  2. Fantastic, love all the woolly goodies listed today!

    Was having the same conversation withDH today about how people cannot drive in snow and ice because most of them never had winters like this before (not that I was old enough to drive when we used to have proper winters..I would have been about 4 or 5!)

    Pam :o)

  3. It is strange how the country comes to a halt when we have snow.
    You have a lovely selection for keeping warm. Thank you for including my childs hat. Linda