Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Mysteriously Lilac

Today I'm going to start the "Bits and Bobs Mystery Make". A series of 7 patterns for a variety of knitted shapes will be posted over the next 7 weeks. Anyone is welcome to join in and I'll create a discussion board on my Facebook Page for questions and answers. There will also be a photo album for you to show your progress and finished items once I sussed out how to make it!

The patterns will be posted on the Free Patterns Download page of this blog as PDF's and also as text within the blog.

So here goes with shape 1!

Mystery Make
What is the mystery make all about? It’s an opportunity for beginner / improver knitters, who have mastered the basic knitting stitches of knit, purl, increase and decrease to really put their skills to the test.......and make one small, manageable and decorative item for their home. Some weeks there will be one part to knit, others there will be several copies of a part. At the end of the series, instructions will be posted as to how to put the parts together and make a beautiful patchwork item for your home.

Please note that ALL patterns remain the (c) of Bits and Bobs Crafts and should not be reproduced without the owner's permission. Also these are FREE patterns and MUST NOT be sold!

The Lilac Triangle

·         3 x50g balls of yarn in 3 colours A, B, C
·         4mm needles

For the purposes of this series, A is lilac, B is Blue and C is cream.

You will not use complete balls so this project is suitable for using up oddments of yarn. If you want to, you can use more than one colour for the sections made in colour B.


K – Knit     P-purl  Inc – Increase 1 stitch  Dec – Decrease 1 stitch

Increasing – knit in the front and back of the stitch
Decreasing – knit / purl 2 stitches together

 Cast on 32sts and follow the instructions below to create an interrupted rib triangle:

Row 1
*K2, p2, work from * to last 2 sts K2 tog
Row 2
K2tog  *P2, K2  rep from * to end
Row 3
Purl to last 2 sts, p2tog
Row 4
K2tog, K to end

These 4 rows set the pattern, continue until you have 1 st left, pull the yarn through and fasten off.

 Luscious In Lilac Folksy Browse!

I've decided to link the colour of the shape we are making to fabulous Folksy maker's latest offerings, so as a reward for all that knitting you get  arm chair retail therapy!!

Laura's Jewellery - Fairy Love

Pip Designs - Kindle Case

Gimme that Thing - Fire Agate and Sterling Silver Ring


  1. That's such a brilliant idea. Would love to join in but don't think I have the time at the minute, however I will keep your patterns in mind and print them out and even if I don't do them immediately I will keep you informed of what stage I am up to. I love your purple choice and the ring from Gimme that Thing is beautiful.

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my bracelet, great blog too!

    Max x