Monday, 10 January 2011

Back at last!

Its feels like its been ages since I've been here.
I decided that as I'd been through quite a rough time in my personal life of late - teenagers, need I say more? - I'd give myself a break over christmas. I set myself I very firm rule - I could only craft if it was for me!!! So the result is one gorgeous jumper finished and a long line, self designed short sleeved jacket 80% done!!!
I then had the theory that I would be back and ready to roll last week but I got whacked by some sort of virus that has done the rounds that kicked off a series of horrible migraines - flashy lights and extreme fatigue were the biggest problems.
And of course that put me well behind last week with preparing for an interview to teach knitting at a local college. So this weekend has seen me chained to a hot keyboard and tis done - but unforseen circumstances mean the interview's been postponed. However there was a silver lining there too as it means I will now get my mobility car, all being well tomorrow!!!! in order for me take delivery the hoist I have in the boot for my wheelchair has to be adjusted so the straps are the right length. Otherwise - and this has happened - it means you have to launch your bum into the boot, so the straps reach the anchor points on the chair - not easy when you're not too mobile but one definite advantage of having a largish bum!!! Or even worse the chair can be attached but the straps are too long and you can't get it high enough to go into the boot!!! But when all else fails the RAC are brilliant at running repairs and truly are the Knights of Road when natural stretching or some other fault arises.

Its been quite interesting writing a teaching programme for a class as I usually teach one to one and tend to go with the flow for the learner. We work from a plan but its flexible to meet their needs. But when you're looking at teaching through a college its a whole new world. Not only do plans need to be fairly structured, they also have to ensure they cover "Essential Skills" - english, maths and IT. The English and Maths were fairly simple - understanding patterns and abreviations, knitters diary for homework, choosing patterns, fun activities to make stitch patterns fit the number of stitches and playing with tension squares. Plus all the counting stitches and rows! But IT was more of a challenge - so have decided to try incorporating a few internet search sessions  - looking for patterns etc and also using U tube for demonstration videos etc. Not all the learners will have access though so I need to make sure it can be used in the classroom too! Am really excited.
Have also been chatting to people and have found there's a fairly steady demand for knitting and crochet lessons and no one to fill the gap generally. So the next step is to see a benefits advisor so I can find out the best way to launch my own business and access grants etc that will help me set up. The keeness of the government to get disabled people with more complex needs back to work seems to indicate there will be money for business start ups as they have realised that self employment is a good way forward for many of us. Certainly for me, being able to work lying down on my rough days are essential so its really good to think I can do this! Obviously I won't teach lying down but being mu own boss will mean I can arrange sessions that won't go beyond my maximum tolerance when I'm in a flare up period. I got my adult teaching qualification last year so its about time it was dusted down and put to work!!
And to finish these completely self indulgent post, here are some pics of what I've been up to knitting wise over the past few weeks:

Christmas presents for special little people

Candy lace leg warmers

My first hoodie - resplendent with teddy bear buttons

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