Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Testing out "Glittens"

What is a glitten? Well that took a little research as it seemed to depend on where in the world you lived. In the UK a glitten is a flip top mitten over a fingerless or half fingered glove - the advantage being you can flip the top off and still have the use of your fingers for those darn fiddly jobs. However in some parts of the USA it appears a "glitten" is a 3 fingered mitten - a thumb, the first 2 fingers and the last finger - designed to allow you to shoot things without getting your fingers cold..... must admit I prefer the idea of deer running free in the forest rather than being persued by men in strange hats wearing weird glove things - but each to their own I suppose.

I then struggled to find a pattern  - I could find mittens, gloves with fingers, gloves with half fingers, gloves with no fingers etc. So I got to cutting and pasting in my head and ended up with the idea of making a pair of gloves with the thumb complete and half fingers. I've knitted the first one on a circular needle using the magic loop method. I started them at a craft fair and the technique was definitely a conversation starter :-)

I decided to use cable rib and a contrasting trim to break up the cream and give them a bit of a girlish lift as they've been designed for us girls with smaller hands. I don't know about you but I get really annoyed with the half inch of glove that always seems to be surplus to requirements..

I then developed a pattern for a mitten top - I wanted it to curve slightly more than the patterns I had to hand and also needed a "straight top" so I could crochet on the button loop. So after a few false starts I finally got the top looking as I wanted it too. The fiddliest bit so far has been lining up the flip top mitten so it looks straight and as if its meant to be "growing out of the hand".

The next glitch came with the buttons.... I couldn't find any to match but I did have 2 white plastic shanked buttons in my button drawer - need to remember to try and raid my Dad's button tin next time I manage to drive down to Devon ! So having heard of people covering their own buttons, I crocheted a small circle and fitted it to the button and have now got a really lovely bespoke twist to the design.

Am planning to list these in my Folksy shop in the coming days but also want to offer them as a bespoke item - they can easily be adapted to fit larger hands or colours changed to match your favourite winter outfits. But am also wondering about either sharing the pattern for free or maybe having a go at selling my first pattern.... just because there are so few "Glittens Patterns" out there..... what do you think?

Have also been browsing Folksy and have found these lovely mitts and gloves to keep your hands warm:

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  1. Great Blog, I would definitely offer as a pattern for sale.

    Max :o) x

  2. I would offer pattern for sale :o)
    I prefer the "flip over" part to totally fingerless.

  3. Great selection ! Thanks for featuring my mittens.