Sunday, 21 November 2010

Crafting For Charity

As some of you may have realised I have some free patterns to download on this site for a charity. the Pulmonary Hypertension Association seeks to both support sufferers of this rare condition and raise awareness of it.
I've got involved in supporting the charity because a friend has PH and was very fortunate to be diagnosed at all, let alone survive it! I have an unusual spinal condition and when I was going through the whole process of being assessed, diagnosed etc this lady kept me sane!! She also has the condition and I would sometimes ring her in tears because the Dr's wouldn't believe what I was saying as it doesn't show up on scans etc as its more of a chemical and inflamattory problem - at one stage I was actually told I was potentially insane - which to be fair is probably technically true being the mother of a teenager :-) She listened, shared her experiences, which were pretty similar, got me lots of info and really nagged me to push for a pain clinic referral - and at that point it all changed! They knew what I was saying and believed it and even better could explain it! And whilst there's no cure - except maybe a new spine if anyone has a spare please lol! - they got me living again which has been brilliant.
So when my friend got ill with PH too I really wanted to do something to help and with parachute drops and abseiling being out of the question on soooo many levels I thought I'd get clicking. The following items are all available in my Folksy Shop and between 75 and 100% of the cost goes to PHA:

1. Blue Lips Handbag    2. Blue lips keychain coin purse 
      3. Blue lips child's novelty neck purse

 The keychain and neck purses would make ideal stocking fillers and am prepared to knit them in other colours if requested :-)


I would like to thank all those who have ordered Glittensover the weekend - this has increased the total donation I am currently able to make to Children in Need to £2.90. Obviously it would be lovely to have a few more sales before midnight so I can donate just a little bit more, so am looking to all my lovely Blog Followers, Twitter Followers and Facebook Fans to help out a little and spread the word that my customers can both treat themselves and feel good!

Am also going to do my first Sunday ShowCase on Facebook and have chosen to feature a Charity Crafter from Folksy - Zygote Gifts. The owner is offering a lovely recycled corsage  - and donates another corsage to Oxfam to sell in their shops each time she sells one. I think this is an inspired way to raise money for charity and it would be lovely to see her needles really flying too!

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