Thursday, 19 January 2012

Logo Competition


The next phase of the re-focus is to come up with a new logo. I have a designer in mind but need to create a mood board for her to work from. I have rough ideas about colours and the structure of the 3 parts of the business below. But I'm looking for 3 words and a colour that sum up Bits and Bobs Crafts that can form part of this logo. All you need to do to enter is to visit my Home Page and fill in the contact form. I'll then show the completed entries to my designer and we'll design from there.

And what do you win??? The prize is a bespoke mobile phone cover. I'll contact the winner and you can then commission me to make a cover for your phone in your choice of colours!


 Reaching this point!

I've spent a couple of weeks really thinking about moving Bits and Bobs on so that it will run the way I'd like it to. So now its going to take a bit of organisation and discipline to implement it.

I want Bits and Bobs to be a social enterprise, to bring craft lessons to the community and make sure they're affordable. Even when I was working as an NHS manager, being a single mum spending £20 plus on a workshop then having to add on childcare and travel was something I would have had to think very hard about in terms of budgeting. Having needed to claim incapacity benefit for a few years has really enhanced that sense of distance from craft workshops I've wanted to try being way out of my price range.

However craft has been a sort of hand up from the challenges I've faced in the past 5 years. Being able to produce something is great for self esteem, especially when someone else falls in love with it and asks you to make them one! When it comes to learning to live life at a slower pace, crafts are invaluable because if you have to take regular breaks and rest, being able to lay on the couch and do something constructive, like knitting, crochet, cross stitch takes the sting out of the transition to being less active. And knowing its something I enjoy and having had the opportunity to experiment, discover ways to craft on a tight budget I want to share the opportunity with others.

Years ago we made our own clothes because it was cheaper. With the advent of cheap imports from the far east and cut price chain stores, now its not. Clothing is seen as disposable, throw away and not something to be treasured. I sometimes wonder how many little girls still have the thrill of putting on  their "best dress" to go somewhere special! I can still remember that and the dress wasn't downgraded until it was getting too short - then it was often taken up or let out or something to provide a play dress. And I remember the joy of watching my new cardi grow on Mum's needles and dreaming of the day I could do that too! Going and choosing the wool and knowing no-one else would have a cardi like mine was probably part of the thrill too.

It would be great to share these experiences with others and bring back a quiet craft revolution. To see skills again being passed from Mother to Daughter or Son! We have male knitters in the family although they prefer to be anonymous!

And that's why the focus of Bits and Bobs will be on making craft affordable!

I'm going to need to support the Social Enterprise arm of the business by generating more substantial income from other sources. So I'm developing relationships with bricks and mortar shops where I can sell my makes. I'll also be offering some of the intermediate and all of the advanced level workshops and courses at current market levels. I'm also planning to sell patterns for baby clothes, that will fit the smallest babies too!

I'm also exploring options for forming partnerships with other crafters and with charities and other socially minded businesses. These could lead to funding opportunities. By building up networks and building in space to explore new possibilities for working in creative ways this should in the longer term allow Bits and Bobs to continue to grow and meet the needs of the community.


  1. A great idea to make craft affordable and I hope the competition was a success!

  2. Craft lessons are a great idea as there is an ever growing interests in crafted at the moment.
    At one point these crafts were don as a necessity where as now it is more for enjoyment.
    Handmade is very in and people are not only wanting to buy handmade but they want to make things themselves and this can be anything from a new jumper to a piece of handmade jewellery.
    Years ago these skills were passed on from mother to daughter so it is great that you want to teach these crafted skill so that they do not die out.