Monday, 7 March 2011

Managing my Time!

That's a bit of a dread term for me - time management! I used to thrive under pressure but now it just makes me wilt! Its been one of the hardest things about becoming disabled  - learning to pace myself. In fact I have a mini workshop to do tomorrow on that very subject! Must wander off and write it soon!

Have been trying to make a bit of a timetable so I can fulfill all my current commitments and have plenty of crafty time. Its all positive stuff and will all be useful for the future. Especially as I'm hoping to run my business as a social enterprise /  CIC so I can apply for funding and work with "disadvantaged" groups.

My top priority outside of setting up the business and building a reputation is completing some work for my local church. We desperately need to improve our wheelchair facilities - so am in the process of identifying funding for a loo and hopefully stairlift so we can improve access to the kids work - which is all upstairs. The church also runs a nursery - which is secular, and they need finances too due to dear old Ofsted changing the rules about after school clubs. Which has meant the local community has lost a valuable resource too! And the church also takes kids off to camp for a week in the summer - they take some kids from the local area, which is deprived so to help the parents out I'm also applying for some funding for them. The experience is good as it keeps my skills up from my previous job and will also help me out when looking at opportunities for projects I can run in the future.

I've recently finished this fab colourful bag:

Folksy Shop
and its attracting custom orders already - am starting one in shades of purple and jade!

I also have been asked to finish off 2 knitted baby sets which have a sad story behind them and so will mean so much to the people they'll be given to.

And I'm also crocheting a wrap / capelet in a lovely soft plum laceweight yarn. I'm adding the motifs now, and they're most definitely vintage. Click on thelink and scroll down to P45 and look at star 316a

So all in all, although I'm busy and not getting much in my shop, I am still knitting and crocheting and will hopefully have some stunning things to share with you all soon.

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